How To See Chegg Answers For Free Without Paying: 13 Methods

How To See Chegg Answers For Free Without Paying 13 Methods
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Are you a student having trouble finding the answers you need for your academic questions? You don’t need to look any further because the answer is here. Here, we discuss Chegg, a well-known online resource that provides students worldwide with academic support.

Chegg has become a go-to destination for students in need of study support because of its large user base and vast resource library. Although access is frequently paid for with a monthly charge, it is well known for providing a plethora of answers to textbook problems.

But hold on—don’t panic! We’ll look at real and creative ways to get Chegg answers without having to pay a membership fee in this article. Stay tuned for these insightful strategies if you’re looking for an affordable strategy to ace your tests.

Quick Answer

You have a few options for getting free access to Chegg answers and also following the terms and conditions of educational platforms like Chegg. First, use the free trial period offered by Chegg. Research internet forums like Reddit and Discord as well, as members of these groups frequently post Chegg answers. Work together as a class, organize study sessions, and ask lecturers or teachers for help.

For extra help, get help from the tutoring center at your school, educational websites, and online discussion boards. Explore substitute websites that provide free Chegg solutions, such as, StudyLib, and Course Hero. Use Google search to get snippets of the Chegg answers, also try Homeworkify, an AI application that offers tutoring and solutions. Last but not least; you can utilize Chegg Study Pack for a month before canceling to get your money back.

Can We Access Chegg Answers For Free?

No! It is not possible to access Chegg Answers for free. Chegg is well known for its large collection of answers to textbook questions. For academics, it is an invaluable resource. However, access to these solutions is usually paid for through a subscription.

Some students may find it difficult to afford the subscription fees associated with Chegg’s approach. But fear not—there are reliable and creative methods that allow you free access to Chegg solutions.

By using these strategies, you can do well on your examinations without breaking the bank. Now let’s explore these useful techniques and find out how to get the answers you need without having to pay for a membership.

Unique Methods To See Chegg Answers For Free

And guess what? You can get answers from Chegg without paying!

There are some clever ways to use Chegg’s useful resources without having to pay for them. So just follow these simple ways!

Method 1: Use Chegg Trial Period

Chegg offers a trial period during which students can use their resources at no cost. It’s a great way to access Chegg’s extensive database of solutions and study materials without having to pay for them. Otherwise, you can pay for a month and cancel anytime within the stipulated time and get your money back.

Here’s how to get into the trial period:

Step 1: Go to the Chegg website and click “Sign Up.”

Step 2: Fill in your details like name, and email, and make a password.

Step 3: Pick the trial period, usually 30 days.

Step 4: Add your payment info. No money will be taken during the trial.

Step 5: You’re set to use Chegg’s resources and enjoy the trial time.

Keep in mind that the 30-day trial period is the only time it is free. Therefore, it’s crucial to cancel the subscription before it expires to prevent any fees. You can utilize Chegg’s resources without having to pay money to do that.

Method 2: Chegg Study Pack

Chegg and Chegg Study packs are different. Chegg Study is a part of the Chegg Study Pack. In comparison to Chegg Study, Chegg Study pack is more extensive.

Step 1: Sign up for Chegg Study and use it for one month.

Step 2: Cancel the subscription before the month ends to be eligible for a refund.

Step 3: This way, you can access Chegg answers temporarily without incurring long-term costs.

Also, it’s essential to consider ethical practices and the terms of service of these platforms while utilizing these methods.

Method 3: Substitute Websites

Many substitute websites will help you get expert answers. These platforms provide free access to study materials similar to Chegg Answers.

Step 1: Explore alternative platforms such as Course Hero, StudyLib, and

Step 2: Alternatively, you can use Way2cheggAns Viewer Chrome Extension, Chegg Answers (Reddit Community), UnblurStudyBlue, Chegg / Coursehero Solutions (Discord Server), and Educarg.

Method 4: Google Search

Google search results typically show snippets or brief previews of every link even for which you cannot view full answers. Here’s how you can use Google search:

Step 1: Use Google to search for specific Chegg answers. Write your question with “Chegg answer” with it, so that Google will show you the link where the answer is given.

Step 2: Now, you will find segments, snippets, or excerpts of the whole solution.

Step 3: Instead of getting the complete answer key, you will get sections of the solution that offer a few suggestions or assistance in understanding the concept or handling the problem.

Method 5: Use Reddit

To obtain Chegg’s answers without financial trouble, Reddit steps in to help. There are some great subreddits on this where people can share information and talk about anything and everything. But there’s a catch. Reddit has its limits.

Let me start by saying that I make no promises. You’ll always receive just what you’re seeking. On Subreddits, finding Chegg answers relies on other people being generous enough to share. Because different people contribute, the accuracy and quality of the answers can vary.

Here’s how you go about it on Reddit:

Step 1: Make a Reddit account or log in if you have one.

Step 2: Use the top search bar to find the right groups (Subreddits). The bigger ones are usually better.

Step 3: Once you spot a good Subreddit, check out the posts. Look for people asking for Chegg’s answers.

Step 4: If a post matches your question, dive into the comments.

Step 5: If you’re not seeing what you need, make a fresh post asking for help. Get detailed about the book, questions, and anything else that could help others help you.

You may increase your chances of getting Chegg answers without having to pay money by using Subreddits and following the instructions. Just remember to follow the Subreddit guidelines and be kind to the amazing people who are giving their knowledge.

Method 6: Use Discord

Are you ready for a cool trick? If you want free Chegg answers, you can go to Discord. Discord, which was initially created for gamers, is now a useful tool for students to get into the study mindset. It’s all about interacting, talking about difficult topics, and reviewing Chegg’s solutions.

Here’s your roadmap to getting into Discord:

Step 1: Head to the Discord website or snag their app on your gadget.

Step 2: Tap “Register” to whip up a fresh account.

Step 3: Fill in the blanks, like your email, username, and password.

Step 4: Do the email dance and follow the steps to verify.

Step 5: Once you’re ready, jazz up your profile and hop onto different Discord servers.

Discord now includes file sharing, chat hangouts, and voice and video conversations. Interaction and resource exchange are effortless. You can get those Chegg solutions and study assistance using its user-friendly configuration.

Method 7: Homeworkify

Check out Homeworkify, an AI tool designed to tackle challenging questions. With the use of brand-new artificial intelligence, homework responds to almost any academic query on almost any subject. It is capable of unlocking document links, complete answers, blurred answers, and more for free. Here are the steps to useHomeworkify:

Step 1: First, go to

Step 2: Enter the question’s address into the search field to find the answers you seek.

Step 3: Enter your details, like your email address (if you want to prevent future spam, think about using a secondary email account).

Step 4: You’ll get an email confirming your completion.

Step 5: Open the email and click the provided link to view all of your answers.

Method 8: Ask your teachers or professors for help

 Getting advice and assistance when needed is an essential approach to overcoming challenges in the quest for academic achievement. Although it may be tempting to have free access to Chegg answers, it is more morally just and practical to look into alternate strategies that promote real learning. Asking your lecturers or teachers for assistance is a positive alternative, which is outlined in the following stages.

Step 1: Acknowledge which particular concepts or topics you find difficult to study. This will make it easier for you to ask questions and get the help you need.

Step 2: If the office hours of your professors or teachers don’t work for you, make an appointment. This guarantees that you will have time set aside for targeted conversation without interfering with their plans.

Step 3: Prepare precise, well-thought-out questions regarding the subjects you’re finding difficult to understand before you meet with your instructor or professor. This facilitates a more focused and effective conversation while also showing your dedication to understanding.

Step 4: Participate in class discussions and ask questions to get actively involved in the learning process. This not only demonstrates your commitment to the topic but also offers quick chances for clarification.

Step 5: Avoid waiting until you are overburdened. When you come across a topic that isn’t quite obvious, ask for clarification right away. Answering questions promptly helps to streamline the learning process and keeps uncertainty from building up.

Remember that professors and instructors are important partners in your academic achievement. By proactively requesting their help, you foster a supportive and cooperative learning atmosphere in addition to improving your comprehension of difficult subjects.

Method 9: Form study groups

Engaging in active study groups allows you to help your peers succeed academically while also gaining from the insights that are provided. This cooperative method creates a nurturing learning environment that extends beyond the search for easy fixes, such as Chegg answers.

Step 1: Find peers who are dedicated to learning the subject matter and who have similar academic goals. Seek out people with a variety of abilities to form a cohesive team.

Step 2: Use group projects, messaging apps, or in-class conversations to connect with possible study partners. Inform them that you would like to start a study group and see if they are open to working together.

Step 3: Create a regular meeting schedule that works for everyone in the group. This guarantees that everyone can take part regularly and encourages a feeling of dedication to the process of group learning.

Step 4: Clearly state the study group’s objectives. Whether the group is reviewing certain material, working on problem sets, or getting ready for an exam, having a common goal makes the group more productive.

Step 5: Divide up the group’s duties and responsibilities. Assign responsibilities like facilitating talks, writing summaries, or presenting solutions. This plays to each person’s talents while also encouraging a sense of ownership.

Step 6: Encourage a dialogue in which all participants actively participate. To guarantee that everyone has a thorough comprehension of the subject matter, promote discussions, debates, and the exchange of differing viewpoints.

Method 10: Utilize online forums

Explore internet platforms and tools for collaboration that enable file sharing and group conversations. In particular, if in-person meetings are difficult for members, this can improve communication and facilitate participation.

Step 1: Look for learning-oriented forum discussions on sites such as Reddit and Quora, or visit forums specifically on your subject of study. Select discussion boards where members are engaged and active.

Step 2: Engage in active participation in conversations by posing queries, offering your opinions, and making contributions to pertinent topics. You can increase your comprehension of various topics by interacting with people who have different points of view.

Step 3: Please feel free to post queries or difficulties you are having in the forums. Experts and other people alike are frequently eager to help and share their experiences.

Step 4: Respect and decency with other users can be ensured by adhering to the forum guidelines and rules. Honor the community and value the information that is offered.

Method 11: Use Educational Websites and Resources

Discover the extra resources—forums, discussion boards, and community support—that these websites offer. These can enhance your educational path and offer chances for cooperation.

Step 1: Look into respectable online learning platforms like edX, Coursera, and Khan Academy. Numerous free resources are available on these platforms, including as practice problems, lectures, and tutorials.

Step 2: Choose subjects or courses that fit your academic requirements. A lot of systems let you customize your learning experience by classifying content according to subjects and levels of difficulty.

Step 3: Make use of the interactive tools that these websites provide, such as assignments and quizzes. This practical method improves understanding and memory of the subject matter.

Step 4: Set precise objectives for learning on these platforms for every session. Setting clear goals enables you to monitor your progress and maintain focus.

Method 12: Visit Your School’s Tutoring Center

Become familiar with the tutoring services that your school provides. Tutoring facilities can connect you with qualified tutors and offer assistance in a variety of subjects.

Step 1: Make use of the tutoring sessions that are offered, or organize time with tutors who focus on the subjects that you find difficult. With this one-on-one support, you can receive customized guidance based on your needs.

Step 2: Bring particular questions or topics you’d like to discuss to each tutoring session. This guarantees that the tutoring session is utilized effectively and efficiently.

Step 3: Accept the advice and criticism that tutors have to offer. Your academic progress can be greatly aided by incorporating their advice and insights into your study regimen.

Method 13: Check Out Library Resources

Take advantage of the variety of publications and resources available by visiting your local library or school. Librarians can direct you to resources that are relevant to your academic work.

Step 1: Academic journals and article databases are available online through numerous libraries. By using these tools, you can get viewpoints and in-depth knowledge about difficult subjects.

Step 2: Make a study plan that integrates pertinent items into your learning strategy based on the library’s offerings. Utilize books, articles, and other sources to enhance your comprehension of challenging subjects.

Step 3: Verify whether the library offers training courses or workshops on academic resources and research. These courses can improve your information literacy and provide you with the tools you need to use library resources more efficiently.

Step 4: A helpful resource for you in your academic endeavors is the librarian. Ask for help finding resources, comprehending research techniques, and making the most use of library resources.

A more thorough and extensive learning experience is provided by these alternatives, which place an emphasis on academic credibility.

It’s vital to remember that these techniques might go against Chegg’s terms of service and ethical standards, even though I can appreciate the desire to obtain Chegg’s answers for free. It is acceptable to take advantage of the trial period lawfully, but depending solely on Reddit or Discord for assistance may raise moral questions and result in varying degrees of quality responses. It is advised to give academic integrity first priority and take into account other study aid options.

How To Unblur Chegg Answers?

Here are two methods that will help you unlock blurred answers for a better understanding.

Method 1: Use Chegg subscription

To get maximum value out of your Chegg subscription, here’s a quick guide that will help you unlock blurred answers for a better understanding.

Step 1: Go to the Chegg website and sign in with your Email & password or through your Apple, Facebook, or Google account credentials. If you haven’t paid for your subscription yet, do so now.

Step 2: Go to the page where the solution is blurry and click on the blurred answer to make it clear.

Step 3: Without having to take any additional action, you should have complete access to the solution as a Chegg subscriber. On signing in, your subscription status is automatically verified.

Step 4: To get the most out of your subscription, try out additional Chegg services like study resources, Q&A, and textbook solutions.

Method 2: Use Quizlet

On Chegg, when you type in the search query and click Full Solution, Chegg will mask the response and ask you to log in, which would ultimately result in a request for premium payment. So, here’s a hack using Quizlet, a free substitute.

Step 1: Open a new tab and go to

Step 2: Write or Copy your question and paste it into Quizlet’s search bar.

Step 3: ClickEnter and Quizlet will show relevant answers to your question.

Step 4: If prompted, sign in to Quizlet. The platform typically offers free access.

This method provides an alternative to Chegg’s premium payment, allowing you to view answers without additional costs.

 How To Get Chegg Answers For Free Using Alternatives?

It is possible to obtain Chegg answers without paying a fee by using other websites. For pupils who require some academic support, it’s a major thing. Because these websites resemble Chegg, you can rely on their responses.

Are you prepared to explore these websites that will be your heroes for assignments and homework? Let’s get going!

  • Homeworkify:

Fortunately, HomeWorkify is a viable substitute for obtaining free Chegg answers. Here’s a helpful how-to for using HomeWorkify to find such answers at no cost:

  1. Start by opening your web browser and heading to the HomeWorkify website.
  2. Once there, use the search bar to type in the question or problem you need help with.
  3. Hit that submit button and boom! You’ll see a bunch of results that match your query. Take your time to check out the answers and find the one that fits your question best.
  4. Once you’ve got your eyes on the perfect answer, give it a click to dive into the Chegg solution. HomeWorkify’s got your back and won’t ask for a Chegg subscription.

Now, keep in mind to use caution when utilizing HomeWorkify to get those free Chegg answers. You can use a separate email address when you sign up to protect your primary inbox from annoying or potentially spam communications.

  • Slader/ Quizlet:

Are you trying to find a means to obtain Chegg’s answers for free? Quizlet is here to help! Here’s how to use Quizlet to get those free Chegg answers:

  1. Start by heading to the Quizlet website and creating an account. It’s super easy and doesn’t cost a dime.
  2. Once logged in, pop your question into the search bar at the top of the page.
  3. Hit that search button to see many study sets that match your question. Take your time to scroll through and find the one that fits your needs.
  4. Now, to pick out the cream of the crop answer, look at the number of likes or upvotes each answer has. People on Quizlet can rate and comment on study stuff, so the ones with the most likes are usually the most legit.

There are answers on Quizlet for every topic, including science and the arts. If you’re studying for a test in biology, math, history, or literature, Quizlet has some useful study resources for you.

  • QuizPlus:

QuizPlus is another secret weapon available to you! You can get the answers to Chegg without the hassle of making payments with this gem. Check out this easy tutorial on using QuizPlus to obtain free Chegg answers:

  1. Head to the QuizPlus website and create an account to kick things off. The whole signing up thing is fast and free.
  2. Once you’re all set up, getting your Chegg answers is a breeze – just upload a picture or screenshot of the question you need help with.
  3. After tossing up the question, QuizPlus gets to work. It checks the image and searches its huge database for the necessary answers.

When it comes to finding textbook answers for any subject, QuizPlus is the real deal. It contains an abundance of solutions and study guides to help you finish your assignments simple.


This post explores three reliable methods for getting Chegg’s answers without having to pay money. We looked at Subreddit and Discord as reliable platforms for conversation. Additionally, we’ve looked at a few clever substitutes for getting free Chegg answers. We’re pulling for you to share your experiences with these techniques. So, use these tips to your advantage and ace your tests without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I see full answers on Chegg?

You can sign up for a subscription or trial pack to get answers on Chegg.

2. Can you get unlimited answers on Chegg?

No, Chegg has a limit on the number of answers you can access without a subscription.

3. How long does Chegg take to answer?

Chegg typically provides answers within 1-2 hours.

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Tutun Banerjee


Tutun Banerjee is an experienced software engineer and tech-savvy writer and blogger who is committed to share her wealth of knowledge. Beyond coding, she is passionate about writing and blogging, creating in-depth how-to guides that are understandable by people of all skill levels. Tutun, having lived and worked in the USA who is now living in India, is still involved in the technology industry through her website